Greetings Bread Lovers!

Hello from Alambria Springs Farm Wood Fired Oven Bakery!

In response to our overwhelming support and enthusiasm for our sourdough breads we have created the Alambria Springs Farm "Community Supported Bakery!" We are currently organizing delivery locations! Our Fayetteville location is all set with day and time and folks are signing up already! We have a designated Cazenovia location with more information forthcoming! We are still looking for interested parties that are willing to help offer a location in Syracuse and the greater Hamilton areas. Delivery days will be Wednesdays and Saturdays depending on location. This is a first come, first serve offer so when we have reached our maximum amount of breads we will cut off sign up! Please email Amy at if you are willing to either be a drop off site or are interested in helping organize a location. Any input or suggestions for additional delivery locations is greatly appreciated!

Please share with your friends and family, and share far and wide!!!

Together we can make this happen!!

For more information please check out our bread page here, Bread!
If interested in joining in the fun you can sign up here, CBA Sign-up Form!

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Restaurants Featuring Alambria Produce

We are proud to have these fine restaurants and institutions serving produce from our farm: The Copper Turret, Circa, Nola's, The Tailor and the Cook, and the Seneca Dining Hall at MSC.
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Read What People Are Saying About Alambria!

Many of our customers were so kind as to share their testimonials about our farm. You can read them here!

Join our Credibles Campaign!

How about a bread share from Alambria Springs Farm? In addition to receiving credits for delicious breads you will be helping us complete our new bread oven! Visit the credibles website by clicking on the title and purchase your share today! Thanks ever so much!